Musoni Restaurant

Galeon Residence & Spa, Musoni Restaurant
Galeon Residence & Spa, Musoni Restaurant
About This Project

Harmony and balance between tastes and tones and a strong individual appeal. Musoni is a project, an idea, a sensation. We have created Musoni for those customers who share our sensation and our vision, because we think that good food and wine served in a restaurant with a modern vision, combined with the atmosphere and music from the piano in the corner, is something that Sunny Beach is missing. And also because we know that we can do it this way.

The restaurant has 300 seats – separated in a splendid garden and a spacious hall. Musoni restaurant is located in the Apart Complex Galeon, on the way to the beach (3 minutes away from Cacao Beach), opposite the Nobel hotel. Customers of the restaurant use a free car park. Let us make you feel special!